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The above photo was done as a "comparison shot" of our youngest son's feet as a newborn and again at six-months old. In the originals, both little baby feet barely fit in daddy's hands — in the photo above, just one foot fills up the curve of Todd's hand now. Time doesn't slow down, no matter how much you beg it to...

Today we got news that was both a huge relief, and also quite a shock, all at the same time. It was during the post-op follow-up visit with our son's oral surgeon. The biopsy they took was benign and the mass they removed was merely a saliva duct that had become infected and had turned into a cyst. We hadn't really thought about the fact they were even doing a biopsy though to be honest. Our time, attention, and worry had been focused on the actual surgery and recovery itself and the fact our then-21-month old would be facing anesthesia. To us, he had a small "blister" near the base of his bottom inner lip and they were simply removing it once he became old enough to notice it.

Because it had been something his doctors had kept an eye on for over a year, the need for a biopsy never really crossed our minds, I guess. I mean, it makes perfect sense they would do one in hindsight. It just wasn't really discussed. So during today's consult we were left with that split-second reality jolt that "ohmygod it could have been something so much more serious". But it wasn't. Amen.

It's been a very difficult mommy-week for me, all that aside. Our oldest son left the nursery and moved into his own room with a "big boy bed" over the weekend. This will be night four of him in there. It was much easier to get him asleep the first night than the others, since it was really late when we finished things enough to let him inside. Without the barrier of the crib bars, it's much more convenient for him to get up to see and do... Once he finally falls asleep, however, he's out. He's slept through the night every single night. In fact, when daddy left for work yesterday morning he refused to get out of bed. He said and waved bye-bye from under the covers. So very, very much my son! (I'm anything but a morning person.)

It's so cute to watch the spring in his step now when he goes into his room to play. For safety reasons with the bassinet, we kept the nursery door closed at all times and he could only play in there when supervised. Now he doesn't know whether or not to play with his toys in the play room or back in his room. I think once we finally start painting and decorating his room this coming weekend to match his new bedding (right now the paint is the color of our old office and we just have Blues Clues sheets on the bed to make him want to sleep there), we'll never see him again. Well, except for when Blues Clues is on TV since we flat-out refuse to put televisions in their rooms so young...

As hard as it is to watch them grow up so quickly, it's equally exciting to see how happy they are getting there. Of course, ask me again how I feel once his second birthday is actually behind us next month.

In non-mommy-related news, did anyone happen to catch the Bode Miller segment on this weekend's 60 Minutes? Oh mama. Shirtless and sweaty. How long 'til the Olympics kick off again?

If you read "Ain't too proud to blog" way back in the early days, you'll remember that all things come to a hault around here when he's skiing across my television screen... This year's Olympics will be one of the very few times I honestly miss my old blog-format. (That and Oscar-time.) The daily wrap-ups were always a lot of fun.

Anyhoo, if you don't know who Bode is yet, just consider it a little "stock tip" from me to you and set your TiVo's accordingly. You can thank me later.

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