BEFORE: The guest room before it became the nursery

Out with the old and in with the new -- the bedding in store

The baby gifts start to pile up and we're running out of floor

It appears friends & family are getting excited about his arrival!

It's finally time to start painting the nursery - before shot

Todd gets to work with the sage coat of paint on 12.21.03

After the ivory and sage coats of paint come the chair rails

A shot of the new chair rails as you walk in the door

Some assembly required -- Todd starts to put the crib together

The crib finally assembled -- just add baby and stir!

It just seems so lonely over there without a baby inside...

Baby's coming home outfit from Grandma - Boomer Sooner!

View of the finished nursery when you walk in the door

View of the crib to your immediate right as you walk inside

Click for larger images in the frames (image 1, image 2, image 3)

Framed OU Sooner baby boy and girl prints above the crib

The very beginning of an OU Sooner train collection for Baby

The Pooh bear on the top was Robyn's when she was a baby -
And the silver rattle on bottom was from daddy and Tiffany

Now all we need is the changing pad for the changing table

View of the closet on the way back out of the room