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Had a little horsey named Paul Revere

[carriage ride in St Augustine]

Photo above was taken with a Canon PowerShot G3 during a trip to St. Augustine earlier this fall. I have no idea who the people in the photograph are. I just thought it was a beautiful horse, so I snapped a photo.

A new section of has launched called Tampa Bay DotMoms — "a new weblog that features smart, fun, and focused writing about motherhood from many perspectives". Yours truly was invited to be a part of it, so stay tuned for future articles of mine...coming soon! For those familiar with the original site, Tampa Bay DotMoms is a spin-off.

Strengthen the Good Strengthen the Good has a new project — The C.S. Lewis Bilingual Gymnaziumin. Check out their site if you'd like more information on the project and how to donate.

And last week I wrote about "ATTN: Any Solider", sending care packages to our troops overseas. The USO also has a similar program called Operation USO Care Package. Please help one or the other (or both!) in some way if you can!

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the "Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge", seen over at!

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