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the The Hotel Ponce de Leon in St. Augustine, FL

Postcards from the edge

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this entry was last updated on 09.21.2004 @ 7:19 PM EDT

The image at left was taken on September 18, 2004, at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. (Click for larger pop-up.) Photoshop filters were applied to the original photo to give it a "vintage Florida postcard" look and feel. For those who have written asking, I used the Texture -> Grain filter in Photoshop and then used Adjustments -> Color Balance and Adjustments -> Selective Color, creating the right tones to where I thought it looked appropriately "vintage".

Well it's just about that time again... October — a.k.a. Cancer Awareness Month — a.k.a. time for the annual Blogger . This year's event kicks off on Friday, October 1st and will run through Sunday, October 10th. So pass it on! Once again the fine folks at Hosting Matters will be donating the webspace and bandwidth to keep us up and running.

This year things are going to be handled slightly differently since I am "with child" and don't have the free time that I used to — meaning simply, I'm taking on volunteers. Lisa has graciously offered to help with photo submissions and editing this year. And rather than take donations personally, in 2004 the will be taking pledges. Donors will be directed straight to the Komen donations page. If they choose to make honorarium donations, we are recommending they do it in the names of two bloggers currently battling the disease -- Sandee and Dori. I'll be providing my P.O. Box address to collect any tribute cards and will pass them along at the conclusion of the drive.

After a donation is made (once the event kicks off, of course) we'll ask that donors drop us a line with the amount given which will be added to the official site with the total raised for the 2004 event, just as it has been in years past. There are a few benefits for doing things this way. Donors will no longer need to be a member of PayPal to make their donations. PayPal will not be able to skim their "cut" off the top of the donations before we ever see them. And donations made directly to Komen will be tax-deductible.

As was done last year, we're going to be taking photo submissions early again this year. If you'd like to get yours in now so that it will already be on the site when it launches, please send it to . (Please use if you have any troubles with the main one!) Contestants who submit their photos early will get a sneak-peek of the site before it launches to the public. You can find some of the photo-submission guidelines from years past here, here, and now here for 2004.

I do still need another volunteer or two who is very familiar with the Movable Type software who can help receive donation-amount submissions and update the official site accordingly. Please use my comment mail form to contact me if you're interested. (UPDATE 1: I have two new volunteers now -- thanks so much! I'll be sure to update everyone again if we need more.)

Thanks for your support the last two years (2002, 2003)! I look forward to even more success toward the cure in 2004!


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UPDATE 2: Lisa has even more information about this year's event up at her sitecheck it out!

UPDATE 3: The "bloggers helping bloggers" portion of this year's has been selected — in 2004 the first $359 donated will go toward AIDSWalk 2004 and Rock the Walk 2004 (via Joelle at As of this update, Joelle has already raised $2,240.00. For more information on why the first $359 of every will go toward another blogger-charity, please visit this old entry at I'm not selecting the blogger charity by panel this year because quite frankly I believe this is a cause everyone can get behind, and the Blog Moxie girls have all been big supporters to the 'Thon in years-past. So there you have it. Spread the word — this year's event plans to take on breast cancer and AIDS in one fell swoop!

Please note: Since donations are not being accepted via PayPal this year, I will not have the ability to transfer the first funds received directly to Joelle's charity myself. Instead, those donating will be asked / instructed to please donate to Joelle's donation site first (this charity is also tax-deductible) until the $359ish has been raised — and then to Komen. There's really no other way to do it...

UPDATE 4: You can learn about the long history of the -Thon here (link not necessarily 100% work-safe depending on your work environment).

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