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The above photo of our youngest son was taken yesterday evening. He turned 7-months old today.

Quote of the day: "To grow mature is to separate more distinctly, to connect more closely." -Hugo von Hofmannsthal

A quick heads-up to Nikon owners... I'm putting up a couple of my lenses on eBay in preparation of upgrading my current collection and purchasing new ones. I've taken enough photos now to get a better handle on what I need want, so I'm letting go of those that are either no longer "enough" or are simply collecting dust. If you're interested, check them out. Right now I'm selling the D70 "kit" lens behind this photo and a Sigma telephoto responsible for this shot.

I've also listed some of our youngest's 3-6 months clothing, with more to follow later in the week.

I can't believe the "baby" in the family is now seven months old! We found out we were pregnant with him when his brother was seven months old. But he seems so "young" to us, whereas back then his brother seemed so "grown up". I simply cannot imagine myself pregnant again at his age... I finally understand the shock on everyone's faces when we started making the announcements.

Since Todd had the holiday off, I spent the greater deal of my day organizing the boys' closets. I packed away the few infant items we wanted to keep, and whatever hadn't already been given away to Katrina-victims and friends (which accounted for almost all of my newborn and unisex items) was either stacked up in the storage room to go on eBay or to Goodwill. As liberating as it was to clear out the boxes and bags, it was also extremely bittersweet knowing there's a very good chance I'll never fold another infant outfit again. It's not like packing away your winter clothes for spring. Once they grow, they never go back into it again. At this age with our oldest, I knew to save everything for the youngest. But now...

I did feel better when daddy saw a couple of the receiving blankets at the top of the pile, and had to take them out to look them over. He got this look on his face that told me he knew exactly what I was feeling. You wait so very long for something, and then it passes — twice — in the blink of an eye. I know the best is yet to come and they're hardly packing for college just yet, but every milestone has just a twinge of bittersweet to it.

Lor at apparentlynothing.com passed along a link to me the other day so now I'll pass it along to you — ShutterSeek.com. It's a "community-driven resource for photographers". Please drop by!

And before I forget...I'm embarrassingly behind on my e-mail once again... So if you've left a comment, sent a request, whathaveyou, please continue to hold. Your mail is important to us! Sorry sorry.

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