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Let's get it started in here. Let's get it started. Ha!

[2005 Boobie-Thon now taking photo submissions]

The above photo is from a self-portrait pregnancy session I shot in November of 2003 with a Canon PowerShot G3 when pregnant with my first son. Exactly one year ago today, I used two other photos from the series as the 2004 -Thon was kicking off. So now I'm using another one to kick-start photo submissions for the 2005 'Thon... Yep, that's right. It's time to send your photos in*!

* = new photo submission URL is not necessarily work-safe so click with caution

[2005 Blogger Boobie-Thon]
mark your calendars - this year's event starts on 10.01.05
now taking your photo submissions prior to next week's launch

If you're interested in submitting your photo (early) to the 2005 -Thon so that it is already on the site when it officially launches to the general public, now is the time!

Instructions on how to send us your photo(s), and what types of photos we are looking for, are located here*. Of course we'll also be taking photos right through the last second of the 'Thon (which runs from October 1-8). But just think of this new opportunity to submit as an "early bird special".

Spread the word... T-minus one week and counting!

Also want to send out a special thank you note to everyone who has volunteered to help this year, everyone who has linked to the site already, and all those who have sent words of encouragement and support. We couldn't do this without you! And with Hurricane Rita currently taking aim on the northwestern Gulf coast, the need is going to be greater than we could have possibly anticipated when the American Red Cross was announced as our secondary charity this year.

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming days!

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