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The above photograph was taken on our wedding day — June 1, 1996 — by my mother (using a cheap 35mm). We were married at the Le Richelieu Hotel in the French Quarter.

It's not every day a couple of oldlyweds can say that their wedding photo is used as part of a hotel's new travel brochure, now can they? But if you go here, you just might recognize a couple of the smiling mugs staring right back at ya'.

Perfect timing, too, because we'll be headed back to the Big Easy for an overnight later this month. I can't wait. We haven't been to N'awlins since '99, and this time we'll be taking our son with us. Unfortunately we won't be able to stay at the Le Richelieu for this mini-trip because we'll have Claire in tow — but we hope to return there very soon. And of course, we'll be stopping by the front desk in a few weeks to say hello to the staff (they all still work there) and to show off the boy. We're under strict orders to do so.

As a "thank you" for all the weddings and honeymoons we've slid their way over the last several years, they've offered us a real honest-to-goodness vacation on the house when we're able to collect. Talk about something to look forward to!

If you're planning on going to New Orleans / the French Quarter any time soon, at least check out the Le Richelieu. If'n it's good enough for Sir Paul McCartney...

And thus endeth the public service announcement / infomercial. Hey, you can't blame a girl for trying to upgrade to a suite, now can ya'?

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