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Tomorrow our baby boy turns ten months old. For the next big monthly milestone, I'll be out of fingers to count them on. I'm thinking therapy will probably be in order. It's hard to imagine as soon as the Christmas rush settles down, it will be time to plan a first birthday party!

The milestones stack up so quickly these days, it's almost impossible to keep a log of them all. But please bare with me as I brag nonetheless.

He's now said his second and third word(s) respectively — "Elmo" and "gum gum gum" (his loose translation of 'yum yum yum' when eating his favorite foods). Still no "dada", and believe me, I'm in big trouble for that since his first word was "mama" several months back. He can say "dada", but there's just no association or attachment with the word and the meaning yet, so we can't count it. I swear I'm trying though!

He's now pulling up into a sitting position from lying down — all by himself — when holding on to something as a brace. Just when we think we have an area baby-proofed, we find out just how far from it we are. We didn't even try to put the Christmas tree up this year without a round gate enclosing it first!

He can truly chew and crunch solid foods with his front teeth before swallowing. It's impossible to eat a meal out without sharing food from our plates, in addition to his own meal. He'll slam the palms of his hand down on the table and chant "gum gum gum" until we hand over a bite. Very cute!

He's become the baby in the restaurant, shop, etc., that will smile and bait you into conversation until you finally relent and acknowledge his presence. He will not be denied. You will pay attention to him. And you will smile / talk back. And you will like it. He's definitely turning into a 'people person' like his momma, and perfecting the art of flirting.

Just in the last week or so, he's gone from chewing his books to 'reading' them on his own. They may not always be right-side-up, but he carefully studies the pictures and words first before turning the pages for more. Both his father and I were reading by the age of two, and I'm seeing every indication that he's following in our footsteps which couldn't make us happier.

He is just a joy to be around. Sure we have the normal tantrums, the teething, and the "you've dragged me out of the house for two days straight and now I'm going to make you pay for it" moments. But I wouldn't trade any of it. For anything. Even during the height of our infertility woes, I always felt that I was born to be a mom — and now raising him, I know just exactly why.

He's my world. You'll never convince me the sun doesn't rise and set over our home here in Tampa Bay. And when he flashes that Trademark Smile™ — no other light source is needed. Yes indeed, I have found my bliss. And it smells of lavender, buttermilk and sweet potato... The best smelling combo in the world!

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