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Dead set on destruction

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this entry was last updated on 09.26.2004 @ 11:11 AM EDT

As of the 1 a.m. track, our area is still set to get slammed by that Jeanne. And Seki's very well may be rockin' and rollin' already. I want to hug each and every electrical appliance here before I turn out the lights tonight, knowing we're only a huff 'n' a puff from this again. Because even though the National Hurricane Center still begs to differ, our local weather studs have yet to see that turn north everyone insists on, meaning we'll get even worse winds / rain than the 'official track' predicts at present.

Not one to give up on technology that easily, I hurriedly set up a moblog late Saturday night "just in case". And of course, as mentioned previously, the "emergency blogcast system" will be in full effect.

Here's a recent update iff'in it passed too quickly:

In case you've missed them in the past, I have a list of Florida bloggers here and a lot of us are updating as we can. I hear that makes us "catastrowhores", but so be it. Such is life — not the first time, and I'm sure it won't be the last! "On The Third Hand" has a nice list of Jeanne-related bloggers as does DebWire, including a nice inventory of hurricane humor.

I'll keep on posting here as long as I can to let our friends and family back home know that we're ok... But for now, the wee one is tucked safely in bed and I'm off to light a few candles to the power gods. Stay safe 'n' dry everyone!


Our previous Jeanne entries can be found here and here. Go to Intellicast to watch the IR loop and radar loop live.

Ivan entries are archived here, and Charley and Frances entries are archived here.

UPDATE 1 (2:14 a.m. EDT): Clock our first power-flash at 2:09 a.m. — and the rains haven't even arrived on our coast yet! (We're 13 miles inland.) This looks to be a fun one, boys and girls! Buckle up.

UPDATE 2 (7:24 a.m. EDT): Just a quick note that we still have power, although it's starting to rain and get very blustery around here. The latest track as of 7 a.m. has Jeanne going over us as a Category 1 hurricane (we're near the tip of the blue arrow). You might recall Frances went over us as a tropical storm, so I'd say we're pretty much guaranteed to lose power with our lousy co-op. It's just a matter of when and for how long at this point.

The NHC has updated their track a bit to reflect what our weather studs have said all along (as mentioned above) — the storm is still going more west than northwest.

Seki is getting the brunt of it right now though, and I really fear the daytime pics that are going to come out of Sphinxy's area as it clears up on into today... I'll update again if I can, but we might be going to the EBS sooner rather than later!

UPDATE 3 (11:11 a.m. EDT): Power still on. Stop. Lots of wind and rain. Stop. Eyewall yet to pass over us. Stop. Took call #103 over the course of a weekend from a mother in panic-mode, waking us up during the little bit of sleep we've managed to get with a hurricane and a baby. Stop.

Missing tornado alley back home right about now. End.

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