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Emergency Blogcast System, the Sequel (by Michele)

this entry was last updated on 09.26.2004 @ 9:32 PM EDT

Hey there. This is Michele, broadcasting for the Emergency Blogcast System.

I just heard from Robyn, and she reports that it's lights out over there. They lost their power at 11:40 and they don't expect that it will be back on for four or five days.

She says the weather is pretty calm right now, but they're expecting the eye to hit in the next thirty minutes or so. She'll give me another ring later tonight, so look back here for an updated report on how the Shutterblog household is holding up.

Also, important notice: If the power is, indeed, out for as long as Robyn expects it will be, then the Boobiethon start date will have to be postponed. Check back here during the week to see where that stands. If Robyn has to move the date, we'll need y'all to spread the word.

Stay tuned!

UPDATE (9:32 p.m. EDT): Hey it's Robyn! I'm slumming it on AOL right now wasting precious battery-time because I have a problem. I am addicted to the Internet. But that's. Ok.

I've been updating my new moblog throughout the day. Sorry the photos are so boring. Only so much you can shoot in the middle of a hurricane and all.

We took some more minor roof damage today, mostly just aggrivating what was already there from Frances. You'll have to dig through the archives for that because I'm not going to waste battery power on it. And our TV antenna (that we don't use but had up for DirecTV backup) went flying off the roof during a late feeder band and slammed into the backyard, taking part of our lanai with it. Messed up the guttering on it and you can hardly open the screen door to it now. Oh joy.

But basically the damage around here is just cosmetic and not much to write home about. We haven't talked to Seki and family yet, although we've tried. Michele hasn't either so unfortunately nothing to report there. The radio says her county was hit HARD and over 90% of them are without power. They're telling us 3-5 days at least until we'll have power again at this point. As Michele mentioned previously (thank you!), the start date of this year's -Thon is going to hinge on my having power and cable-modem access. So please stay tuned...

The worst has passed us now. It's just time to sit and wait for the power trucks to roll on in... I'll update again when I can. Thanks for thinking of us!

-Robyn and Todd

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