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[downed tree on main road]

Hurricane Frances - North Tampa Bay, FL - 09.06.2004

[uprooted tree - roots and all]

more local hurricane damage - 09.06.2004

[neighborhood flooding]

Lighten up, Frances!

Many thanks to Sporty for updating the site while we were out of commission!

We have power back...for now. Another nasty feeder band from Frances is currently making its way through our area, so we're lighting candles to the power gods to keep things up and running for good. We lost power shortly before 4:30 p.m. EDT on Sunday, and got it back just before 4 p.m. EDT today (Monday). So basically we were without about 24 hours. We lost everything in the fridge and freezer, but thankfully we'd been eating out for most of the week before Frances hit -- purposely -- to keep what we lost to a minimum. The awning over the garage has started to separate a bit from the roof, we have a few shingles pulling loose, and we've developed two wet spots on the ceiling in the living room. So we have a claim into State Farm and they'll be sending an adjuster out later in the week. We've also taken the pictures at left and below of damage around our neighborhood, shot during a break in the clouds on a lunch run. There were several downed and uprooted trees and minor flooding near us. However, what we've suffered is nothing compared to some of the video we're now seeing on the television.

It seems Tampa Bay has been one of the lost stories in the national coverage. Our mothers were both furious when we called them this morning. Apparently, at least in Oklahoma, the story jumped from West Palm and Vero Beach straight to Tallahassee -- with not a mention of anything in the middle ground of Tampa Bay. We huddled around Channel 8's radio simulcast to hear of record flooding in Downtown Tampa and along Bayshore, a sinkhole opening up on I-275, chemical spills into Tampa Bay, massive erosion on the area beaches... And none of this even a news-blip on The Weather Channel and the national networks. Sounds like TWC got a nice strongly worded letter from my mother-in-law this afternoon.

Our photographs: (image 4, image 5, image 6, image 7, image 8, image 9, image 10, and more pics snapped later in the day)

Our video: (video 1, video 2, video 3)

Please forgive some of the poor photography. The goal here was to keep the camera dry, first and foremost!

I have to say, all of this has been interesting with a seven-month old. Thankfully we had a little battery-powered fan that we picked up at Disney World a couple of months ago to keep him cool in his stroller, so we kept that on him all night (thank you Duracell Coppertop!) and he didn't get too overheated. My mind can't even wrap around the concept of Ivan yet. So do. Not. Ask. Me. About it. At least until Friday...

Thanks so much for all the prayers, good thoughts, and well-wishes! We'll try to get through our e-mail as we can. But for now, a little snuggle time is in order with the little man since it won't melt us to do so... Take care everyone. And stay safe / dry up there in the panhandle northward!

Our other Frances-related entries here, here, here, here, here and here.

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