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We need YOU! 

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The above photos are of my husband's mother and grandmother, at left - and his oldest son holding my pink ribbon pin, at right.

Every year I get asked why I put so much time and effort into The Boobie-Thon and the answer is simple. Not only is it something I believe in. But for the sake of my children, and their children, it's something I simply can't ignore.

I haven't really mentioned this online before, but for the fifth annual 'Thon, I think it's time... The woman in the photograph above is my children's great-grandmother. The grandmother their father never got to meet. She died of breast cancer when my husband's mom was a little girl.

I don't just fight for friends. I fight for my family. And once again this year, I hope you'll join us in doing the same.

The fifth annual blogger Boobie-Thon to fight breast cancer kicks off on October 1, 2006. It runs through October 7, 2006. You can find more information at the official site. We've raised over $26,000 each October since 2002.

Once again we desperately need volunteers for this year's event. If you're interested in helping with any of the following, please use my comment-form and drop me a line!

1. people to record donations in real-time (you'll get pledge amounts and names / e-mail addresses e-mailed directly to you during 2-3 hour shifts and will then pass along your data to the donation coordinator at the end, which will be added to our donation totals and donor names pages on the site)

2. people with Photoshop experience to edit submission photos (sorry but guys edit guy submissions - girls edit girl submissions - no crossovers for safety-reasons - even though the guys whine about this not being fair every year) - then you'll pass these photos along to photo coordinators

3. schedule coordinators for donations and photo editors to help fit the volunteers into the daytime, evening and overnight shifts that work best for them - requires making the schedules and sending out shift-reminders

4. donation coordinators responsible for collecting all donation records from donations editors and posting donor lists and donation totals to the site at least 3-4 times per day

5. DESPERATELY need someone with PR background to send out letters to the media in the next 1-2 weeks, so we have media attention and buzz going in advance of the 'Thon's official launch on 10/1

We raised over $9000 for Susan G. Komen and the Red Cross Katrina fund in just 8 days last year. With your help, we'd REALLY like to break the $10K barrier for the first time this year. Our 2006 "blogger helping blogger" charity is Children's Hospital Boston (read more info on its selection here), and of course Susan G. Komen will receive the remainder of the proceeds.

Thanks everyone for helping to get the word out! And thanks again for your continued support!


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