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The above photo was taken in early July at a toddler session I did with an adorable 3-year old little girl. The "pose" was entirely her idea and ended up being of my favorites.

Last night we made the obligatory "hooray - it's a paycheck" Target run. We get up to the checkout and the cashier, who was probably all of like 15 years old, was doing his best to maintain eye-contact while also quietly trying to figure out my shirt.

After all of our items had been scanned and bagged, I was read the total of $87.31. I started to fill in the last line on the check, and turned to Todd to ask him to fish my driver's license out of my planner. I handed over the check to the kid as Todd comes up behind me saying, "Let's see...driver's license, check card, Weezer fan club membership card..."

As Todd launches into a mini-Q&A over whether or not my Weezer card could be considered a legal form of ID (hey, it is laminated and does have my name and photo included, thankyouverymuch) — little Opie Cunningham looked up from his register said, "WEEZER? You have a WEEZER card?"

So of course I answered, "Yes. I have a Weezer card - 'old' people like them, too, you know."

I was met with a blank stare - and once again (this time a bit louder for emphasis) he asked, quite incredulously, "WEEZER?"

Then I looked him straight in the eye and said, "Yes. We had them first - and we're taking them back."

Kids these days.

I swear, we were cracking up all the way out of the store and the rest of the night we'd just randomly turn to one another and say, "WEEZER?"


* and just for the record, I'd like to point out that Weezer front man Rivers Cuomo is a year and a half older than I am — also, I know he's married now and the band is on permanent hiatus, so no need for 47 e-mails to report it to me - k, thx?

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