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The above photo was taken yesterday in a clearing across from a wilderness preserve near our home. It was one of those moments I was truly grateful to have grabbed my camera on the way out the door. It was digitally altered using the Photoshop "Lomo Effect". For additional photos taken yesterday, please visit our Flickr account.

Today our youngest son (my itty-bitty baby boobalah) turns four months old. Wasn't I just blogging that he was about to turn three months old?! It's been a pretty tough week. He's showing signs of early teething, and between that and gas / growing pains he has been incredibly fussy. His overnight sleeping patterns have been all over the map (after several weeks of making it through the night), and mommy and daddy are both walking around looking like zombies. Tomorrow he gets his four-month boosters so it only promises to get worse before it gets better.

But this week has certainly been a week for perspective. Not one, but two, of our blog friends are facing incredibly difficult pregnancies with tests, decisions and procedures ahead that I can't even imagine facing... This news all comes on the heels of another favorite blog-read of mine watching her new baby girl spend several days of her early life in the NICU. So it's pretty hard to complain about the small stuff. I can't count the number of times I've held my sons close this week with tears dropping onto their little heads as I prayed and prayed for those I care about... I'll take the rough late nights and I'll take them gladly. We never thought we'd be able to travel this path in the first place.

On a lighter note, yesterday the family went out en masse to Super Tarjhét for our monthly pit-stop. While wandering the aisles, I was looking for the toilet paper section. (Keep in mind we now shop with two carts for ease. We don't want to activate the wonder-twin powers in public if at all possible.) Todd noticed I was looking for something and volunteered to help. So I turned around and told him I was hunting down the Cottonelle wipes. I've suffered from a, errrrr, ummmm, minor yet recurring 'problem' since my first pregnancy so I always keep them on hand. He didn't hear my reply (he now has slight hearing-loss following his bout with pneumonia) and he asked again. When I tried to tell him once more I was still met with a blank-stare so finally I just raised my voice loud enough for anyone within ear-shot to have no doubt what I was on the hunt for and replied, "I'm looking for the SOFT ASS CLOTHS, ok?" Then we both proceeded to crack up (and that's putting it mildly).

Oh what fun shopping is going to be when things like this actually mortify the boys...

By the way, I finally got the chance to put together a combined update-blog for both the munchkins — so if you haven't received the invite yet, follow the instructions here (yes, that means you have to read them first) and I'll send it along.

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