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statue in downtown St. Petersburg on 05.18.2003

Finding my zen

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On Sunday my child moved into his eighth month of life. Two-thirds a year down! He is now the size of the average eighteen-month old. No, I am not exaggerating. He's wearing 2T onesies, and this weekend sitting side-by-side with last season's "new baby girl" at the Sooner watch party, they were the exact same size. Aaack. They're ten months apart! While there, he practiced on perfecting the art of flirting and that "how you doin'" grin he does so well.

We had his Halloween portraits made on Saturday, and during the session they selected him for the live monitor that broadcasts outside the studio. A literal line formed to watch him. <insert momma with her chest puffed out here> Many of you know of his father's unnatural obsession with monkeys, and being that he was born in the year of the monkey and all, was there any doubt what he would be for his very first Halloween? I think not. If you'd like to see our cheeky little monkey's new portraits, just drop us a line (more info on doing so here).

We're now up to FOUR, four wonderful toofers. Ah ah ah. He's mastered the art of sitting without propping now, and is doing his best to try and pull to the standing position this week. Just when we think we're baby-proofed...

We caved and let him taste "big people food" for the first time at Chili's the other evening. Might I brag that my little man really digs mashed potatoes and gravy? One of my favorite quotes is by Erma Bombeck: "I come from a family where gravy is considered a beverage." Color me proud. He so is my son! Of course, daddy's big brag note is that I caught him opening the drawer up which contained the GameCube this afternoon. So he's definitely got a bit of the old man in him as well...

Although he has been saying "mama" for weeks (first confirmed by grandma and his pediatrician before I would believe it), he's still being quite stubborn about saying "dada". Is it wrong that it makes me smirk?

Yeah, he makes that roller coaster worth riding daily...

And to bookend this entry with charitable goodness....

Strengthen the Good Strengthen the Good has selected another charity — Garden of Angels. "The intent of Strengthen The Good is to raise awareness of 'micro charities'—charitable opportunities that are simple, personal, non-bureaucratic, and inspiring. Charitable opportunities where someone can feel great about giving $1, or even just from reading the story of the charity, it's sponsors, and it's beneficiaries." So check it out, read more about it, and please donate if you are so inclined!

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