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God bless Mother Nature

Quote of the day: "May your words be tender and juicy, for they are often served back to you." —Pat Schroeder

This is one of those days where I just needed to stare at a little eye candy to find my zen again... The image to the left is one of the very first Lomographs I ever shot (found over at our site lomo-motion.com).

It's really hit me lately how much I miss my Lomo and my Holga. About the time we really started to get into using them often, we found out I was pregnant. The first trimester left me hugging the toilet much more often than being concerned about grabbing a camera, and by the third trimester it wasn't worth the 2-hour waddle necessary to travel 10-feet.

The baby just isn't mobile enough to make good use of them yet, and he's about 99.9% of my subject matter right now (as it should be). But I'm really looking forward to when he's sitting up better, crawling, and walking so we can use the Lomo and the still virtually untested Kiev 35A more often with him. Both cameras still have photos taken in mid-2003 just sitting there on half-used rolls of film waiting patiently for us to get our act together and fill 'em up so Ritz can have their way with 'em...

Even with all the photo-slackin' I've been doing as of late over there though, it doesn't stop me from coveting one of these. Oh no siree, Bob! Now go say "hello" to Bob.

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