[The hunt for pink October]
[Buttoned up]
[All those simple things are simply too complicated...]
[Hey Andy, are you goofing on Elvis?]
[We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming...]

Hardly dashing through the snow...

[footloose and fancy free]

The above photo was taken at Cocoa Beach in mid-November. I'm happy to report the family bought it on canvas - large! I honestly want to own it large on canvas myself...

You know that old adage, "You pay for your raising..." Can I raise my right hand right quick and ask the life-instructor, "Ummm, but why do I have to pay for my spouse's?"

You see, I was an only child until the age of 9. By my mom's own account, from toddlerhood on, you could put me in a white dress on a chair with a good book in a room full of mud. And if you returned an hour later, I would still be perfectly clean, prim and proper - sitting up on that chair happily reading away.

Then, there was my husband as a child. And his brother. And now we have two small boys.

Enough. Said.

Yesterday was our boys' Christmas card photo session. I wasn't crazy enough to actually take their photos myself this year. Or even try to get the entire family in frame. I think we all remember last year's attempt. And of course there was the "honey, I think I burned out the motor on the blender" mall portrait events of 2005 (photo 1, photo 2).

No this year, KarenLeslie Photography graciously put herself up to the challenge and I happily accepted the offer.

I haven't seen the proofs yet, but let me just say that if she got any even half-way decent photos of my boys together I will conclude she is a divine spirit and not of this earth.

She...is an amazing photographer.

My boys...are 3-years old and 2-years old.

Wondering just exactly how it went? Well within the first five minutes my oldest son had managed to go elbow-deep into a big, concrete cigarette butt receptacle. And so it began.......

Thank you for braving our brood yesterday, Karen! I hope the wine we sent helps ease (or at least sufficiently numb) the pain.

Bonus links collected by me and from Flickr:

1. "Poppin' Christmas Light Tutorial" (Of course that's assuming
your children actually sit still and let you photograph them.)

2. Really cute knit hats and caps - don't look now. They're on sale!

3. "Do you know who is using your images?"

Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas! But I think I'll miss this one this year...

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