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[happy Fathers Day]

The above photo was taken last weekend at a toddler photo session. Having grown up with only a grandfather as any sort of real "father" figure in my life, this shot just defines "Father's Day" to me.

Two years ago today I was huge and miserably pregnant, waiting for our second child to arrive. There was so much to do before his scheduled c-section on the 17th. My mom had just arrived - with Todd's parents and niece soon to follow - we needed to get our oldest son's hair cut, go shopping, do last-minute packing for the hospital... The list seemed endless. The night of the 15th, we went to Target and Publix with my mom and I couldn't keep up with everyone. I went back to the car to rest on my own. I barely touched the dinner she cooked that night. And then right around 3 a.m. my son decided "schedule-schmedule" and my water broke just over 24 hours before he was slated to make his big arrival.

Turns out June 16th would be the day he called as his.

He came into the world screaming his little lungs out while No Doubt's "It's My Life" played on the operating room speakers.

How has that possibly been two years ago? It seems like his older brother was born just yesterday, and now I have two children with lives that will be measured in years rather than months from this point on. Warp speed ahead!

Happy birthday, little man. I never knew just how incomplete my life was without your smile to start my days.

So this weekend is Father's Day. It's nice to finally be able to celebrate it and feel happy about it, rather than constantly being bitter. My husband is such an amazing dad. It's just a job he was born to do. The sun rises and sets with him as far as my boys are concerned. Watching him love them makes me fall head over heels all over again.

There are times like this where I briefly wonder how our sons' lives could be different if our own biological dads were actually a part of them though. I wonder if my dad realizes just what he's given up with the choices he made. What he would think if he saw my oldest and realized not only is he the spitting image of me, but also a carbon-copy of himself as a child. If he bothers to spend time with his other grandchildren. And then those thoughts quickly pass because I realize how much better off my boys are in the end without him around.

The dad and grandfathers they do have in their lives love them and dote on them, and they are the centers of their universes. They are extremely blessed to have the love and the life-examples they do. I may have missed out on having a holiday to honor my father, but they're not. And that's exactly how we intend to keep things.

So have you seen the latest "you've gotta protect the children" news? To avoid lawsuit, Kellogg's is going to quit advertising and marketing its cereals with Tucan Sam, the Dig 'Em Frog, the Apple Jacks kids, etc.

Note to mothers of our generation: Your kid is not wearing the 'husky size' because Tony the Tiger is saying "theeeeeeeey're greeeeeeeaaaat" on Saturday morning TV. (Last time I checked, we don't even have Saturday morning TV anyway.) Your 5-year old is 472 lbs. because you order him the 20-piece McNugget meal super-sized and let him wash it down with an entire box of Hostess 100-calorie pack cupcakes, and the best form of exercise the child receives are his thumbs working the Xbox controls.

Don't take away my sugar-coated fruity bombs (which I still happen to eat for breakfast every single morning) because YOU haven't raised YOUR children to know portion control and you don't send them out to play it off. We had Snap, Crackle and Pop. Our PARENTS had Snap, Crackle and Pop. We didn't need to sue the cereal company back in my day. We were too busy riding bikes, slaying dragons and building forts. You know, being kids.

Quit expecting the courts to do your parenting for you, mkay?

If the Blu blog can do it, so can I...so here are some Friday tunes via You Tube to keep you bouncing in your computer chairs...

1. Ok Go - "Do What You Want" - the song that single-handedly gives me hope for music's future

2. Lily Allen - "Smile" - oh how I could have used this song back in college

3. Cornershop - "Brimful of Asha" (Fatboy Slim remix)

Last but not least, don't forget to pimp your camera!

1. My Funky Camera

2. Make Stuff and Be Happy

3. "Do It Yourself"

'Til next time...

P.S. Don't forget...the annual Boobie-Thon is up for adoption!

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