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The above photo was taken last weekend at a newborn session I did. (You can see it in color here.) It was my first time 'back in the saddle' with a full session since we moved over here to Mouseville™. I truly forgot how much I missed it!

The last time I blogged, it was twice in one day. And then...silence. *crickets chirping*

Since then, Todd returned from Vegas. The entire family was flatlined for over a week with the respiratory flu. I got glasses. I had a newborn session. And the oldest started preschool interviews for the fall. (Hold me.) Then he promptly got a big ol' shiner after going to the park with daddy so mommy could get some work done up in here.

One big party around these parts, I tell ya'!

So it's May now, huh? When exactly did that happen? This year has just been one big blur of non-stop Anna Nicole coverage.

I really have to wonder how many PR reps out there are now telling their clients, "You want in the press? You're going to have to die. But don't worry, that's all part of the plan. Because after that ET will air every home video of you EVER MADE. EVERY DAY. For the rest of time. Your body will be buried in the ground long-since decomposing, but we'll all still be asking 'is it live or is it Memorex'. Just don't forget to find your junior high diary and leave it by the bedside before you over-medicate, ok?"

Seriously, Todd has banned Entertainment Tonight from our home because they cannot let it go. She's pushing up daisies and the paternity test results have long-since been revealed, yet every day she's the headline story. Are people still really that interested? Enough for her to have her own theme-song and opening montage? Did I miss the memo that people actually cared what happened to her in life, much less in death?

Because honestly, I miss my trashy entertainment television. Paris Hilton has been seen dirty dancing with K-Fed recently and just might find out how "hot" prison stripes are for crimeny's sake! Priorities, people.

Happy Friday -

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