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The above photo was taken yesterday in a local parking lot. One of my favorite things about living down South now in the late spring is when the magnolias are finally in bloom. You don't see very many of them in Oklahoma because of the winter freezes.

For our New Orleans wedding, I had them in my bridal bouquet. Seeing them out everywhere in full-force makes all the sweet memories of this time of year come rushing back once again... That's also one of the very reasons this blog in its current form started out with my favorite flower.

Planning to Plan 101: You'd think one of the most stressful events of giving birth is the actual labor and the delivery. Or in my case for round #2 of birthing fun, preparing for yet another c-section and recovery. But that is where you'd be wrong.

I went into early labor the last time around, so it didn't give our parents as much of a chance to freak out about time and distance. Our OB and midwife said "get them here". So we did. And then thankfully our son decided to hang in there and let his lungs bake for so much longer that everyone ran out of vacation time and had to return home. It was very disappointing for all of us. I don't mean to imply that it wasn't. But in the end, three of us came home from the hospital and it ended up being just as it should be.

Since this time the delivery is actually scheduled, on the books, and barring another early labor will occur on the date pencilled onto the calendar you'd think things would be easier this time around. Not so fast there my friend. It seems in addition to being the big, miserable pregnant woman — my new role is also cruise director because I'm the woman and I'm supposed to care about these things when the man does not. Just call me Julie.

And on a totally different note...

You know how people are always asking, "If you could have just one super power what would it be?" Well I've finally made my decision. I want blue Force lightning hands like Supreme Chancellor Palpatine / Emperor Palpatine / Darth Sidious in Star Wars.

drivers making you insane? BAM! Gone with thee! and her spawn giving you lip in the checkout lane? Huge bolt right between the eyes should cure 'em. Some freak comes out of nowhere and starts banging on your car window with your baby in the backseat? Instant vapor action. Get shoved aside by Ms. Plastic when you're just trying to purchase a few cabinet knobs at Lowe's? Melt those precious hot air balloon with a flick of the wrist!

Yep, Todd can keep his light saber on his wishlist. Every woman who has ever known the power of the hormonal Dark Side needs blue Force lightning hands, I've done decided!

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