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[Todd on Owen Field in October 2000]

Todd on Owen Field following an OU win, 10.28.2000

Red River ShootShutout

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Since my last entry, the 'Thon has managed to top the $8K mark. And we still have over 30 hours left to go! If you've been putting off submitting your photo and / or making a donation, it's time for the procrastination to end!

All Sooners can finally exhale for one more year. We've now stacked up enough back-to-back victories against the 'whorns / Mack Brown to fill up an entire hand.

Today's game basically ate away whatever was remaining of my stomach lining. We didn't put it away until the fourth, and gave Mack & Co. several opportunities to seize a victory. But just like in years-past, Stoops remained totally in his head and in control of his psyche. For the first time in 282 games, going all the way back to November 1980 against Baylor, the burnt orange faithful exited a game with a shutout blazing back at them on the scoreboard.

Final score:
OU - dozen
UT - nuthin'

Even more amusing to us is the fact that the last time UT was shutout in the OU/tx series was 1972. Why is this of note? Because Todd and I are both the first-born in our families, born in 1972. And this is the birth-year of our first-born!

Every year I fear the loss to OU will be the final nail in Mack's coffin. Although he's dropped games to Bob with bigger scores (63-14, 65-13) — the fact he was on the last thread of the last rope of chances — paired with the implications of a shutout and the sheer number of years since their last one (what had been the longest non-shutout streak in the nation) — well let's just say he may arrive home to find a U-Haul on his front lawn. (Much as Gary Gibbs did following a Red River loss during our days at Oklahoma.) To make matters worse, our freshman running back Peterson had 225 total yards. The entire 'whorns offense, even with "The Governor", managed 230 total.

Mack, thanks for the memories. You've been one of the best assets the Oklahoma program has ever had!

  Go OU - beat the helloutta texas!  

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