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Italian people are all on motorcycles going 'Ciao!'

"Life is a game of chances. The ones you don't take are the ones you miss out on. The chances you do take, even if you lose in the end, you learn more from mistakes and misfortunes than not taking the chance to begin with. So who is to say you lost in that game of chance? Who is to say, to take a chance is to lose? There is only one person who can make that choice...you." —Ross Janson

I looked that quote up earlier tonight for a friend facing a rather difficult decision ahead. Although it somewhat reads like a Garth Brooks chorus, there's a kernel of truth to it that I just can't ignore. Because I, too, could have missed the pain -- but I'd of had to miss the dance.

The photograph to the left of the Doge's Palace replica (click image for larger pop-up) was taken in the Plaza del Teatro in Epcot's Italy, near the Fontana de Nettuno - a fountain inspired by Bernini's Neptune fountain.

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